Eric Amat y Leon

Tax & Benefits Specialist

Amat y Leon_EricEric Amat y Leon uses his own experience as a father of four children to help his clients through the divorce process.

“When we’re dealing with a custody case, my experience absolutely helps me talk with my clients about the routines and activities they do with their kids, which they may not realize and which play a huge part in a judge determining custody,” he said. “Having four young children really helps me help my clients recognize their involvement in their kids’ lives.”

Mr. Amat y Leon also has a wealth of information about tax issues in family law thanks to his Master of Laws in Taxation. He is frequently helping other attorneys with their taxable transaction questions or other complex financial issues.

One of Mr. Amat y Leon’s proudest cases involved an unwed father who had an informal, verbal parenting time arrangement with the child’s mother when she and the child disappeared. Without a court order to work off of, Mr. Amat y Leon was able to track down the mother and child and eventually his client was awarded sole custody.

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Amat y Leon is licensed in Colorado and admitted to practice before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. District Court of Colorado.


Graduated from University of Notre Dame; Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M) from University of Denver Daniels College of Business; Juris Doctor from University of Denver College of Law.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Mr. Amat y Leon was a speaker at Cordell College on division of retirement accounts.

Mr. Amat y Leon appeared on DadsDivorce Live to explain how Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are utilized.



“Eric [is] doing a good job. He has got right on it and progressed very quickly. He has always kept me well informed.”


“Eric has been really good with communication; he tells me whatever he is doing.  It has been pretty impressive.”


“Eric did a great job negotiating money. He took care of eliminating my exposure.”