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Kristin Zurek

Senior Litigation Partner

attorney kristin zurekWhen Kristin K. Zurek first meets with a client she tells them her job is to minimize the financial hit while maximizing parenting time.

“It’s so easy for people to sit there and say, ‘let’s just give the dad every other weekend’ but every dad I meet with wants more time with his children than a couple weekends a month,” Ms. Zurek said.

She encourages men facing this situation to organize their thoughts and priorities before visiting an attorney in order to get the most out of their legal representation during this tumultuous time.

“If I have to spend the majority of the case trying to get a client organized and trying to get information out of him, then my focus is taken away from the important parts of the case,” Ms. Zurek said. “Attorneys and their clients should be a cohesive team, working toward the client’s goals.”

Ms. Zurek said she enjoys the impact she can have in garnering a good result for both her client and the children involved.

“It means a lot when I can make a difference in the everyday lives of people,” she said. “It’s rewarding work when I can leave the office and be satisfied with what I do for a living.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Zurek is licensed in Missouri.


Ms. Zurek received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Creighton University and her Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Zurek worked in a family law practice. While attending law school she worked as a law clerk in a family law practice.

She has worked on many family law matters, helping clients navigate the complex legal system and successfully restructure their families while serving to advocate for her client’s best interests.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

In 2007, she graduated from the American Bar Association Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute. Ms. Zurek has presented on ethics to fellow attorneys.

Ms. Zurek appeared on the Marc Cox Show on FM NewsTalk 97.1-St. Louis to discuss fathers’ rights.

Ms. Zurek appeared on Emmis Radio to talk about two shared parenting bills in the Missouri legislature.

She has also been a frequent guest on DadsDivorce Live and has contributed divorce articles to

Ms. Zurek was interviewed by the St. Charles Suburban Journal on the dangers of using Facebook during divorce.

Ms. Zurek appeared on Today’s Issues to discuss various issues in family law.

Watch Ms. Zurek’s lecture, presented with Brian Bergstrom, from Cordell & Cordell’s 2016 Continuing Legal Education seminar on “Child Attachment and Parenting Plans.”

Watch Ms. Zurek present in the webinar, “Representing Men in Divorce, Paternity and Custody Cases.”



"Kristin is not only a wonderful lawyer but a pleasant person.  She does your firm a great service.  I am very appreciative of the work she did for me."
"Kristin was the best. I am pretty strong willed, but she was patient, listened, and helped me see what the best options were considering what I wanted to accomplish. Kristin is a no B.S. attorney; perfect for what I needed. I appreciated the lively open debate. ... Kristin earned my trust. ..."
"Everyone always answered my questions promptly. I was treated really well. The other side was dragging their feet, but that wasn't your firm's fault. Really I was very happy with the service."
"Kristen Zurek helped me to realize that my legal position with respect to modifying the college expenses and child support provisions of my decree was much stronger than I believed. I felt like she was very much in my corner. ... I felt that I had really solid representation looking out for my interests."
"Kristin is great. She is very direct and to the point, which I like. She doesn't mess around, and she gets the job done."
"I could not have asked for a better team of individuals to be working with. Kristin [and her team] truly define the definition of exceptionally special people to work with. I feel that I am blessed to have them pick me up and move me forward. I am thankful for the patience and care that they have delivered to me through this time in my life. They truly have made me feel like a person and not a statistic or number.  Thank you."
"Kristin is very attentive to all my communications. She makes the process very easy to understand. I cannot say enough good and nice things about her. I know exactly what's going on at all times."
"Kristin was good at getting back to me timely. I thought she did a great job!"
"Outstanding job! Always available, always working for my benefit. Kristin was on top of things from the start. Smart and aggressive for my benefit."
"Kristin is amazing! I had lost all faith in attorneys after my prior experience and Kristin has really came through for me. She responds to me instantly and is just amazing!"

"Kristin is great! She's quick, to the point and always professional!"


"​​Kristin understands my life and has a wonderful way of summarizing my thoughts and feelings and turning them into legal jargon when dealing with my former spouse."


"Kristin is great!"

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