Kristin Zurek

Senior Litigation Partner

Kristin Zurek has 20 years of experience in the field of Family Law. Kristin began her career working for a current St. Louis County Family Court Commissioner and focused her practice on family and juvenile court matters, including adoptions and guardianships. She joined Cordell & Cordell 17 years ago as an Associate Attorney and has risen through the ranks to become a Senior Litigation Partner. In her role as a Senior Litigation Partner, she is in charge of the oversight of the Firm’s Senior Litigation and Litigation Partnership teams nationally. She has been actively involved in litigation training and mentorship of younger attorneys at Cordell & Cordell throughout her entire career with the firm while playing an instrumental role in both contributing to, facilitating, and teaching at the Firm’s multiphase trial advocacy training program.

Ms. Zurek is also a well-respected and tenacious litigator who handles high conflict family law cases involving complex custody and financial matters including niche areas of enforceability of prenuptial agreements and contested adoptions. Most of her clients are going through a high conflict situation and are looking for help at stabilizing their emotional lives as co-parents and their financial lives post- divorce. Ms. Zurek says, “Attorneys and their clients should be a cohesive team, working toward a unified goal.”