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Cordell & Cordell Family Law Practice Areas

Cordell & Cordell exclusively practices family law with a focus on men’s divorce, child custody, paternity, and modifications. Our divorce attorneys focus on family law, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the family court system and the battle that you will face as a man.

Cordell & Cordell can handle a broad range of family law matters from uncontested divorce to complex asset division. Cordell & Cordell’s unique focus allows our divorce lawyers to learn from each other’s experiences in family courts.

Our attorneys undergo continued legal education throughout the year, which ensures they know the latest family law trends and updates that may impact your case.

Cordell & Cordell Family Law Practice Areas

  • Divorce: Whether you are facing a contested divorce or uncontested divorce our family law attorneys will work with you to outline your divorce goals and prepare you for your case.
  • Child Custody: Your child is the most important thing in your world. A Cordell & Cordell family attorney will fight to maximize your role in your children’s lives.
  • Child Support: Traditionally, something the parent with less custody would pay to the other parent. A Cordell & Cordell attorney will work to preserve your financial interests and the interests of your children.
  • Declaration of Paternity: Ensure you receive all of your paternity rights by filing for a declaration of paternity. Cordell & Cordell will help you to secure time with your child and that you are not overpaying child support.
  • Modification of Decrees: If you have found yourself earning less income, or if your ex has a larger earning potential Cordell & Cordell can help you file a modification to adjust past decrees.
  • Spousal Maintenance: Spousal maintenance or alimony is money paid to your ex to maintain a standard of living they were used to during your marriage. Cordell & Cordell will fight to protect your financial interests.
  • Legal Separation: (In states where permitted.) A court process designed to define the rights and obligations between spouses who are living apart while still legally married.
  • Military Family Law: When a couple decides to end their marriage while one spouse is serving in the military, divorce tends to get more complicated.
  • Power of Attorney: Cordell & Cordell offers Power of Attorney services to divorced parents at no cost.
  • Protection Order: An order or protection is considered a tactical nuclear weapon increasingly used in family law cases.

If the jurisdiction of your case is in a state where Cordell & Cordell does not yet have office, then there is a possibility of representation on a “pro hac vice” basis. Contact our family law office nearest you for details.