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The Cordell & Cordell Difference

Men hire a Cordell & Cordell divorce attorney because they want to feel that their interests and the interests of their children are aggressively championed.

Our belief is that too often divorce lawyers and even judges resign themselves to stereotypes and thus perpetuate the status quo. We are not suggesting this mentality is malicious or even conscious, but it is prevalent. Cordell & Cordell is here to help men level the playing field in the family court system.

The Cordell & Cordell Mission

We are advisors and advocates for men before, during, and after divorce, with a passionate and intelligent devotion to excellence.

  • Our passionate devotion to excellence calls us to rigorous honesty, loyalty, and tenacity.
  • Our intelligent devotion to excellence calls us to great imagination, organization, and proficiency.

Divorce Attorneys Dedicated to Helping Men

Naturally, no law firm can completely rectify these deep-seated and multifarious injustices, and we do not promise our clients transcendent justice. All we can promise our clients is their best chance.

At Cordell & Cordell, we have cultivated a reputation for challenging fallacious assumptions, for calling the court’s attention to inequalities, and for advancing, without equivocation, bold arguments from which other attorneys might shrink.

Sometimes it is necessary to insist on a hearing on the record when the result proposed by the court in chambers is contrary to the law as properly construed.

Although such positions occasionally cause conflict, they nonetheless engender respect and encourage more reasonable positions from the court, as well as from the other side. The task of representing men is a challenging one requiring skill and experience.

In a system seemingly predisposed against them, men can only hope to succeed by using all the help available to them, both legally and strategically. Cordell & Cordell has built its practice on helping men do just that.