Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

If you are getting divorced, there are alternative options besides the litigation process. For many couples, it makes sense to pursue collaborative divorce or mediation.

Collaborative divorce and mediation enable couples to dissolve their relationship in a flexible manner that avoids going to court altogether. What is more, these methods tend to be much less adversarial, and often much less expensive, than traditional divorce litigation, which can be especially important if you and your spouse share children and are going to continue a relationship as co-parents.

Cordell & Cordell offers both mediation and collaborative divorce services in the firm’s Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Milwaukee offices and mediation services in its Hartford office. Continue reading to learn more about how collaborative divorce and mediation differs from the traditional litigation process and determine whether these alternatives make sense for you to pursue.

Cordell & Cordell Collaborative Divorce Attorneys and Mediators

Cordell & Cordell’s family law attorneys can help guide you through the collaborative divorce process or serve as a third-party mediator depending on the path you choose. With more than 30 years of experience, our attorneys understand all the issues couples are likely to face in divorce and are committed to helping you reach an agreement that allows you to start the rest of your life on solid ground.

Up-close of a husband's and wife's hands signing divorce papers

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