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Our Virginia divorce lawyers focus entirely on men’s divorce, child custody, paternity, modification, and other family law issues.
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Finding a family law attorney in Virginia is an important decision that requires ensuring you are choosing someone with knowledge of Virginia divorce laws. Divorce is often the most challenging time in a man’s life. Cordell & Cordell is a domestic law firm committed to fighting for fathers’ rights in Virginia to make life easier for you and your children.

Cordell & Cordell divorce lawyers in Virginia offer legal representation in Falls Church, Richmond, Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

To schedule an appointment with a Virginia divorce lawyer, call 1-866-DADS-LAW or your local office.

Frequently Asked Virginia Questions

Will I have to pay maintenance?

According to Virginia law, a married person who is separated from a spouse can file for a petition for “separate maintenance.” This may be an attractive option for those who may require additional support from a spouse but who do not want or cannot file for a divorce. Separate maintenance is different from spousal support.

Can I modify custody?

In the state of Virginia, you can only modify the custody or visitation under two conditions under Virginia Code § 20-108. The first condition is if there has been a material change of circumstances, and the second is when it is in the best interest of the children to modify the custody or visitation.

Real-Life Experiences
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  • “It took years for me to come to a decision to end my marriage. I sought a law firm that is focused and prepared for trial if need be, and seeks to give me the best outcome possible. Cordell and Cordell has performed very well and is very supportive during this difficult time. I have full confidence in my representation and recommend them.”
    – Mason B.
  • “Divorce is hard enough without trying to find a Lawyer who will truly work for you. I had several conversations with Lawyers that seemed only interested in winning somehow. No one wins in a divorce. I should have went to Cordell & Cordell first so I would have avoided a lot of headaches. I met a group of people that genuinely care for you.”
    – Mark L.
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    Laws can vary from state to state.
    Connect with a local Cordell & Cordell attorney for accurate, state-specific legal advice on divorce, custody, and spousal support issues.
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    Cordell & Cordell?

    Men hire Cordell & Cordell because the firm’s entire focus is on aggressively championing the rights of men and fathers through divorce. Our attorneys understand how the deck is often stacked against guys in family law and are committed to leveling the playing field by providing the legal guidance and resources needed to give them a fair chance at success.