Maggie McNamara

Senior Litigation Attorney

When Virginia Beach divorce attorney Maggie McNamara meets with clients for the first time, she understands that their lives are upside down. She finds satisfaction in helping clients find a way forward that allows them to continue to enjoy the families and livelihoods they worked so hard to establish.

“I am a creative problem solver,” Ms. McNamara said. “I figure out my clients’ goals and work backward from there to determine how to get them where they want to go.”

There are always unknowns in family law cases, but by working together Ms. McNamara helps her clients navigate the process in a way that minimizes the damages and maximizes the quality of life going forward.

“I truly believe the practice of family law is my calling,” she said. “I understand the magnitude of what is at stake and will do everything in my power to ensure my client has as positive an outcome as possible.”