Lisa F. Karges

Senior Litigation Partner

The emotionally complex issues family law presents are what Lisa F. Karges found appealing about representing men in divorce.

“Unlike other areas of law I feel personal satisfaction in knowing that I actually help people by obtaining definitive positive results that impact their entire lives,” she said.

One case that had a huge impact on a client’s life was Ms. Karges’ ability to obtain primary custody for a father who had been systematically shut out of his children’s lives for years because of the mother’s actions.

“There is no simple or easy divorce,” Ms. Karges said. “In order to obtain successful results, the attorney and client must constantly work together throughout the process to develop a strategy, communicate, and prepare for all circumstances.”

In addition to family law, Ms. Karges’ background includes work in bankruptcy law, and she has extensive knowledge of how military procedures affect divorce cases.