Kimberly Gray

Management Partner

During law school, Kimberly N. Gray worked in a Domestic Violence Clinic and served as Guardian ad Litem for children in need of care.

“Through that experience I saw how I could benefit people going through tough times in their lives,” Ms. Gray said.

As a result of her background prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases, Ms. Gray is a strong advocate for children.

“Having dealt with kids who have been abused, I am able to see how a contentious custody dispute can put children in the middle and negatively affect them,” she said. “Children need both parents actively involved in their lives, so I work hard to ensure my clients attain equal parenting time.”

Each person Ms. Gray represents has their own unique needs and objectives, so it’s of the utmost importance that the client and his attorney work very closely to achieve the best possible outcome.

“Good communication and a close working relationship are the keys to achieving that goal,” she said.