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Cordell & Cordell is a partner dads can count on during one of the toughest challenges of their lives. The family law attorneys at our Fort Worth, Texas, office are dedicated to helping men with any divorce issue, including property division, alimony, child support and child custody.

Our mission is to give men the legal support they and their children deserve both in and out of the courtroom.

Divorce Attorneys Dedicated to Helping Men

Divorce takes an emotional toll on everyone, no matter how tough you are. The decisions you make during this time will have an enormous impact on you financially for the rest of your life.

More importantly, your level of involvement in your children’s lives can also be affected. Our attorneys take the time to listen to your concerns and work diligently to champion your rights and the rights of your children in family court.

We know how critical this transition is and promise to walk you through each step of the process while doing everything possible to protect what’s most important to you.

Advocates For Dad’s Rights and Fathers’ Rights

Since 1990, Cordell & Cordell has fought against numerous stereotypes that men and fathers face in the family court system. Our firm’s focus on men’s divorce gives our attorneys a unique understanding of the challenges men face in a Texas family law courtroom.

Despite battling a system that seems predisposed against them, Cordell & Cordell has risen to establish ourselves as a partner men can count on.

At Cordell & Cordell, we understand the unique challenges military families face during divorce.

Client Testimonials


“Lisa and [my paralegal] are a godsend; they really are. [My paralegal] is such an incredible help, and I can’t say enough about Lisa. Lisa is hard working, has integrity, [is] a straight-shooter and has suggested things to help me save money … Really happy with all of the hard work in [my] case … My son and I appreciate you all.”


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate all of your help. I know I wasn’t always the easiest. I used to believe there was no such thing as a divorce lawyer that is a good person; you changed my mind on that for sure. Thanks for not only giving me advice as a lawyer, but also as a friend. …”


“Laura is professional and made me feel like she really cared about our case. She took care of everything we asked of her. The end result was what we all wanted as I got custody of my daughter.”

Frequently Asked Fort Worth Divorce Questions

How long do I have to live in Tarrant County to file for divorce?

You need to live in Texas for 6 months and Tarrant County for 90 days before filing for divorce in the county.

Is there a mandatory waiting period in Tarrant County before a divorce can be granted? How long will a divorce take?

There is a 60-day cooling period between the time a divorce is filed and served, and the date in which it may be finalized.

Tarrant County contested divorces can take anywhere from 61 days to in excess of two years depending on the court assigned and level of litigation.

Other counties (such as Parker County, Johnson County and Denton County) vary but typically will run from 61 days to 18 months depending on the matter.

How can I serve my spouse in Tarrant County? If attempts to serve do not work, can I serve by publication?

You can serve a party via constable/sheriff’s deputy or private process server.

You may serve by publication but only after having attempted service on separate occasions and with approval by the court. In Tarrant County, service by publication is done in the legal recorder.

What are the specific forms I will need to file for a divorce in Tarrant County?

You will need a completed Civil Case Information filing form in all counties and cities in Texas. Depending on the county, standing orders may need to be attached as well, however, no standing orders exist in Tarrant County.

Where do I file for divorce in Tarrant County?

In Tarrant County, all divorces must be filed at the Tarrant County Family Law Center located at 200 E. Weatherford St. in Fort Worth.

How much are filing fees at the Tarrant County Family Law Center?

Filing fees for a divorce in Tarrant County are currently $308 for a divorce with children and $271 for a divorce without children. Service is a separate fee and will vary by method used.

Are there any Tarrant County-Specific laws that are different from how other family law cases around the state are handled?

The Tarrant County Courts all have associate judges that handle most preliminary matters.

However, all conformed orders or emergency relief orders will typically have to be signed by a district judge rather than an associate judge. This will include orders for emergency or ex parte relief.