Christopher R. Kennedy - A Cordell & Cordell Peoria Divorce Attorney

Christopher R. Kennedy

Lead Litigator

Peoria Divorce Attorney Christopher KennedyFamily law tends to create highly personal and stressful situations. But that’s actually what Peoria divorce attorney Christopher R. Kennedy finds appealing about the practice.

“I feel that in what can be one of the most traumatic and emotional times in a person’s life, clients need someone who can look at the issues objectively, keep a clear head in a time of highly charged emotion, and provide sound advice not motivated by animosity, guilt, or as a result of distress,” Mr. Kennedy said.

Clients have a lot to deal with when going through divorce. They can’t always make rational decisions in those situations.

“I can counsel and guide them on what rights they have in regards to their children, families, and property, and represent them on the legal issues as they deal with their current emotional situation,” Mr. Kennedy said. “Men, and fathers in particular, are underserved by and experience bias in family court, and I find great satisfaction in helping to level the playing field through my representation.”

Mr. Kennedy says lawyers are not referred to as “counselor” arbitrarily. Clients need to feel they are heard, and excellent listening skills are essential to practicing law.

“My ability to listen objectively and without judgment allows me to connect with my clients, identify what issues are most important to them, and represent them effectively and efficiently,” he said. “Demonstrating objective compassion has helped me immensely in my practice.”

When clients meet with Mr. Kennedy, they can expect a safe space to communicate all of the facts relevant to their case.

“I am here to listen, without judgment, and to provide them an objective and honest opinion on what options they have,” he said.

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Kennedy is licensed to practice in Arizona.


Mr. Kennedy earned his Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking/Animation from Columbia College in Chicago. He received his Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Kennedy practiced trusts and estate planning, family law, and personal injury.


  • Arizona State Bar Association, 2016
  • Maricopa County Bar Association, 2015


"Chris was very understanding of my situation financially. It was almost like he did the best he could given the circumstance. He had compassion for me and my situation."
"​Christopher is very professional and it really seems like he has his ducks in a row and is handling things spot on. I am very pleased with everything."
"​Christopher updates me very quickly and provides excellent advise. Even I don’t get results as I want, he did a great job. Thank you and your firm. Thank you for your employees, all are great."
"​He's professional and at the same time he knew that he was human; he had some feelings and was understanding of that. He was able to let me talk about it. He is a good person. He knows the atty's try to be professional and separate things from the emotions."
​"Chris is incredible and helpful."
"Everything was perfect in every way and Christopher was amazing.​"