Elizabeth Moser

Lead Litigator

By practicing family law, Greensboro divorce attorney Elizabeth Moser is able to help people and families when they need it most.

“I am able to assist people that are going through some of the most difficult times they have ever encountered, and am able to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their children,” Ms. Moser said.

Ms. Moser’s compassionate nature enables her to understand how painful many family issues are for her clients, and she is willing to put in the hard work that is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

While Ms. Moser is a zealous and supportive advocate for her clients, she also doesn’t sugarcoat anything about their case. By maintaining a clear channel of communication, she keeps them informed about what they can realistically expect.

“It is important that my clients understand that I am always going, to be honest, and upfront with them about my expectations for their case,” Ms. Moser said. “That means that sometimes what I say may not be what they want to hear. However, I believe that realistic expectations are crucial in decision-making throughout the pendency of the case.”