Sarah Fox

Litigation Manager

Cincinnati divorce attorney Sarah Fox is passionate about helping people during a time of need. By practicing family law, she is able to provide a source of stability for clients who are going through one of life’s most challenging transitions.

Ms. Fox is empathetic and compassionate. During consultations, she is an earnest listener and strives to give clients an honest assessment of what lies ahead.

She also works diligently to come up with a game plan that puts her clients in a position to succeed during their case.

“I also try and keep my clients informed along the whole process so they have less to worry about,” Ms. Fox said.

Divorce cases are never easy, and you do not always get exactly what you want, but it is important to fight for a fair and equitable resolution.

“Children need both parents, and if their parents can separate and move forward in a healthy and productive way, they will benefit greatly,” she said.