Jason Lasser

Management Partner

Being reasonable goes a long way in domestic relations matters, according to Jason Lasser.

“Judges and mediators constantly think, ‘what’s the reasonable thing to do in this situation?'” Mr. Lasser said. “So if you are both thinking like that, it can benefit you in the long run.”

Being reasonable also helps set expectations with clients, he said.

“The sooner you can realize the reality of your case, the more productive you are going to be in your case,” Mr. Lasser said. “It’s about getting everyone on the same wavelength.”

Getting the attorney and the client on the same page is crucial because that relationship must be built on trust from the onset.

“Full and honest disclosure from our clients is a must,” he said. “I will be honest and upfront in my discussions with, and representation of, my clients and the same is necessary for return, so that we may represent their interests in this sensitive matter to the fullest extent.”