William F. Backer

Lead Litigator

A background that includes multiple stints as an assistant prosecuting attorney, including heading a multi-county child support enforcement unit, has given William F. Backer plenty of courtroom and litigation experience.

It also gives him an understanding of how the other side works from doing it himself.

“For instance, that experience from the other side in child support enforcement allows me to know what their options are, how they are going to proceed and how they are going to make their decision on whether to bring contempt or criminal charges,” Mr. Backer said. “That puts me in a position to tell a client here’s what the other side is thinking, and trust me, I know because I’ve done it.”

Mr. Backer said his extensive experience working on jury trials has helped hone his courtroom skills.

“My greatest strength is being able to take what appears on the outside to be a very complicated case and break it down so it is easily understood,” he said. “It’s important to be able to present and organize your evidence in such a way that it is not only convincing but understandable.”

His ability to make complex legal terms and issues easy to understand is also important in communicating with and helping guide his clients through the confusing divorce process.

“In order to achieve the best results in your case, it is crucial for you to be completely honest in your communication with me so that we can be prepared for everything,” Mr. Backer said. “I am your partner in this process, and you can trust that I will advocate for you at every stage in the process.”