William F. Backer - Cordell & Cordell Jefferson County Divorce Lawyer

William F. Backer

Lead Litigator

Independence Divorce Attorney William BackerA background that includes multiple stints as an assistant prosecuting attorney, including heading a multi-county child support enforcement unit, has given William F. Backer plenty of courtroom and litigation experience.

It also gives him the understanding of how the other side works from doing it himself.

“For instance, that experience from the other side in child support enforcement allows me to know what their options are, how they are going to proceed and how they are going to make their decision on whether to bring contempt or criminal charges,” Mr. Backer said. “That puts me in a position to tell a client here’s what the other side is thinking, and trust me, I know because I’ve done it.”

Mr. Backer said his extensive experience working on jury trials has helped hone his courtroom skills.

“My greatest strength is being able to take what appears on the outside to be a very complicated case and break it down so it is easily understood,” he said. “It’s important to be able to present and organize your evidence in such a way that it is not only convincing but understandable.”

His ability to make complex legal terms and issues easy to understand is also important in communicating with and helping guide his clients through the confusing divorce process.

“In order to achieve the best results in your case, it is crucial for you to be completely honest in your communication with me so that we can be prepared for everything,” Mr. Backer said. “I am your partner in this process, and you can trust that I will advocate for you at every stage in the process.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Backer is licensed in Missouri.


Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Accounting, from the University of Missouri – St. Louis; Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University School of Law.

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Jefferson County, where he prosecuted felonies. In 2009, he was promoted to Team Leader and supervised other attorneys and paralegals.
  • Associate Attorney where he practiced mainly in the area of criminal defense.
  • Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in St. Francois County, where he was in charge of a multi-county child support enforcement unit.


Mr. Backer is a member of the Missouri Bar Association.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Mr. Backer presented on child support at the Catholic Family Services Fatherhood Initiative. He has also authored articles on family law on DadsDivorce.com.


“Bill is taking a personal approach ...  Bill sorts through it and applies logic and rationale when there is none to be found. Bill is able to make sense of things. ... ”
“Bill has been very proficient. He doesn't drag his feet. Bill lays everything out. I am pleased with his representation. ... I'm very happy so far.  Everyone has been quite helpful from the beginning. It pleases me when I hear the ads on the radio to know that I am using this firm for my own personal litigation.”
"Every time I've emailed Bill he has gotten back right away with a full explanation. He has laid out all my options and the pros/cons for each. I am really happy with this."
"Bill did a great job preparing me for what was next, what the Judge might do, [and] what the process would be. He did a wonderful job keeping me informed on what to expect. There really wasn't any mystery, which was great."  
"I have nothing but good things to say about Bill Backer and the firm.  From the first meeting until now, I am kept up to date. I have been so pleased.  I can't think of a thing that Bill could do better.  He has been fantastic working with me. I am so confident in him that we will get the best possible outcome   ... [His] assistant has been fantastic too; she always responds to me immediately.  The office is great.  I am very pleased with our direction we are going."
"Bill Backer was always prompt.  For divorce and custody cases, correspondence and explanations are so important.  ...  Bill was very thorough in his explanations and quick to respond to any issues and/or questions."
"Bill is exceptionally kind-hearted and empathetic.  Even though he is my attorney, he is making this process easier.  I highly respect him and his professionalism with [the] opposing side."
"Bill Backer is extremely responsive and informative.  He is honest and clear on expectations and alerts me to the possibilities.  Bill is exceptional ..."
"I am very impressed with Bill.  He has taken a personal interest in this case.  It has been [a] personal investment."
"Both Bill Backer and [his paralegal] have been ideal to work with. Bill has been a strong advocate and a worthy counsel. [His paralegal] has quickly and efficiently responded to every question. Their professionalism and skill have made this difficult time much less stressful."
"Bill is a good man.  He has a heart, he cares,  and [he is] highly competent.  He is making a horrible situation a tolerable situation.  Bill has an analytical focus and personal touch."
"Everything is going great. I couldn't be happier with the services I'm being provided. Excellent attorney and very personable."
“I cannot say enough about how Bill and [his paralegal] worked to protect my interests and offer support during a difficult time...”
"Bill's communication and follow-up were great, he called me when he knew stuff was on my mind because I was going through a lot!"

"Bill knows the case and the opposing party well. He knows what I want before we even talk about it. Bill is the perfect attorney who doesn't get riled up, keeps a level head and makes sure that I keep a level head also. I have been working with Bill since 2012 and won all 3 cases.  I walked away with more than I went in with."

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