Courtney Knox

Senior Management Partner

Courtney Knox said having an empathetic personality is necessary for a divorce lawyer when dealing with people going through a very traumatic event in their lives.

“However, it’s not just being empathetic and understanding,” she said. “It’s also about trying to introduce levity into their situation because if they are doom and gloom all the time it’s going to be so much harder for them to get through it.”

Ms. Knox said she tries to pull her clients away from the emotion as much as possible so they can see their case from an outside perspective.

During her time as a Support Hearing Officer, Ms. Knox found it appalling how many people were unprepared to go into support hearings just thinking someone else was going to do the work for them.

“There are so many nuances that help you tweak things in your favor, and that experience really opened my eyes to the possibilities that were there in regards to arguing support,” Ms. Knox said.