Rachel Schmidt

Senior Litigation Attorney

A background in psychology allows Rachel D.S. Schmidt help clients keep their case in perspective while dealing with all the emotions a family law matter often brings.

“I try and take the emotion out of the situation so they will understand the options and advice better,” Ms. Schmidt said. “The judge isn’t emotionally tied to the case and that’s what they have to keep in mind in their case.”

Communication between the attorney and their client is key whether it is the attorney telling the client about the process, or it is the client telling the attorney the facts of the case, she said. If your attorney does not know the full set of facts then the consequences could be dire.

“If I have no idea about something going on in the case because it wasn’t disclosed, then we can’t prepare for it, combat it, and have evidence to disprove it,” Ms. Schmidt said. “I need to know the full history of the case and their relationship with the opposing party.”