Rachel Schmidt - Cordell & Cordell Edwardsville divorce lawyer

Rachel Schmidt

Senior Litigation Attorney

attorney rachel schmidtA background in psychology allows Rachel D.S. Schmidt to help clients keep their case in perspective while dealing with all the emotions a family law matter often brings.

“I try and take the emotion out of the situation so they will understand the options and advice better,” Ms. Schmidt said. “The judge isn’t emotionally tied to the case and that’s what they have to keep in mind in their case.”

Communication between the attorney and their client is key whether it is the attorney telling the client about the process, or it is the client telling the attorney the facts of the case, she said. If your attorney does not know the full set of facts then the consequences could be dire.

“If I have no idea about something going on in the case because it wasn’t disclosed, then we can’t prepare for it, combat it and have evidence to disprove it,” Ms. Schmidt said. “I need to know the full history of case and their relationship with the opposing party.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Schmidt is licensed to practice law Illinois and Missouri and admitted to practice in the Southern and Northern Districts of Illinois and the Eastern District of Missouri.


Ms. Schmidt received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1999, from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, where she graduated summa cum laude. She received her Juris Doctor from St. Louis University School of Law in 2002, where she was an editor of the Public Law Review.

Professional Experience

Ms. Schmidt has trial experience in representing clients who own their own businesses. Additionally, she has trial experience in representing fathers seeking custody of their children in divorce actions, post-divorce actions and paternity cases.

She has been practicing law in Illinois, specifically St. Clair County and Madison County, since graduating law school.


Ms. Schmidt is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association.


“I had four other attorneys turn me down for my case. Rachel did a good job with what she had to deal with. She is very responsive, and I'm not used to this. She showed me how a client-attorney relationship's communication is supposed to work. I've been very happy with Rachel!”
"I am very, very pleased with Rachel and [her Practice Manager]. I admire their professionalism and their personableness. They are great people to work with and are knowledgeable and effective. This was a troubling time and they really helped me through. I hope I never have to go through this again, but I hope to have them on my side if I do. I'm glad I made the choice I did, and I've already referred the firm."
"Rachel is a very personable person. She seems informed and very easy to talk to."
"Rachel is very conscientious of my needs. She’s professional and knows her business. Also, you all are well rounded when it comes to technology and making sure I have access to everything."
"I came to Cordell & Cordell from an attorney who acted as if everything that was happening to me during the divorce was just how it is and that I should be lucky it wasn't any worse, so I was skeptical of Rachel until we had a meeting with my wife and her attorney.  I was impressed with her professionalism and subtly hidden aggression. I got the feeling that if it came to it Rachel would argue aggressively on my behalf, and that's what it's all about, isn't it? I am happy with her representation."
"I couldn't be happier with Rachel. I truly couldn't ask for more in an attorney. She gets back to me right away and is always very understanding and accommodating. I couldn't be happier! Rachel is just great!"

​"Rachel's communication and her overall knowledge was great! I found comfort in her level of experience. She wasn't quite as aggressive as I expected. However, she explained why it wasn't necessary, and it made complete sense. I was thrilled with Rachel."


"Rachel Schmidt did a outstanding job when you consider the complexity of my divorce. What differentiates her from my previous attorney is that she listened to me as I methodically presented the challenges before us. We would then strategize in a collaborative manner, as how to address the many different parts of my divorce decree. Since this was a "David taking on Goliath" scenario with Goliath having some "skeletons" in the closet, Rachel would allow me to draft certain portions of the decree as the boiler plate language was not conducive. Again, I would recommend Rachel Schmidt, of Cordell & Cordell, to anyone.​"

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