Morgan Coby - A Peoria Divorce Attorney

Morgan Coby

Litigation Manager

Peoria divorce attorney Morgan CobyPeoria divorce attorney Morgan Coby believes family law is entirely unique from every other law out there. The difference, she says, comes down to the personal difference she is able to make for families.

“I believe that what I am doing really helps people and their families,” Ms. Coby said. “This is truly personal to me as well as my clients and I think this is why family law is such a great fit for me. I am invested in their cases and want the best for their families.”

Ms. Coby puts everything she has into each of her cases because she understands that the outcome will have long-lasting implications.

“I am very dedicated in anything that I do,” she said. “Family law especially because I know what I am doing has major effects of people’s lives for many years to come.”

Ms. Coby’s dedication helps her as she works with each client to set goals that they hope to achieve in court. She then does whatever she can to help them move on to the next chapter of their life.

“I want what is best for them and their family and will do everything I can to make sure that happens,” Ms. Coby said.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Coby is licensed to practice in Arizona.


Ms. Coby earned her Bachelor of Psychology from Arizona State University. She received her Juris Doctor at Arizona Summit Law School.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Coby exclusively practiced family law.


"She's being great with everything. She meets my schedule, she meets my budget, ...[and] she helped me in court a great deal."
"These things are not pleasant to go through.  Morgan has been very good, very methodical, very thorough and represented me as best as could be.  Morgan's assistant ... was very patient and asked great questions as well.  It's good to know there's an advocate on my side, someone that will step up and do what you did for me."
"… Every time there's a change in status she makes sure I know. She's been real open and worked with me well.  I'm happy.  There's nothing that she could do to make things better; I think she's doing great."
"Morgan was really good when I had to put everything on hold because of the costs.  I'm now in a place where I can take care of things and get this moving forward.  I appreciated her working with me."
"Thanks to Morgan Coby for her help and for bringing this case to a close."
"She's great. I have her on speed dial. ... Morgan did great on everything. She is really smart and great on details. Without her I would have been in deep water. She was really compassionate and cared about my feelings. She kept me going in the right direction. I had a really bad divorce, and she helped me out a lot. I really liked her thought process. Usually women stick with women, but she really had my back 100%. I don't know what I would have done without her."
"Morgan has been wonderful. The results were excellent. ... I commend her on the job she's completed. We are very happy with her and the firm."
"Morgan doesn't treat me like I'm just another client. I feel really comfortable with her and like I'm her only client."
"You've been really good with my case. Morgan has been on top of everything. I've been extremely pleased with her and the firm."
"I like [her] enthusiasm, her dedication and personal investment in my case. I have faith in Morgan."
"[Morgan] has been great, giving great advice, great counseling, and support. She is amazing."
"Attorney Coby was exceptionally professional and helpful. Cordell & Cordell is fortunate to have her."

"​Morgan and the Cordell team were really an outstanding partner through this difficult process. I felt like the team truly understood and cared about my challenges and had my best interests at heart."


"​Morgan was great at paying attention to details. Morgan kept her composure through out and stuck to the law. She understood the law and my position."