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The family law attorneys at Cordell & Cordell’s Peoria, Arizona, office are partners men can count on as they’re transitioning through each stage of divorce. Cordell & Cordell’s divorce attorneys can assist men with divorce issues related to property division, alimony, child support, and child custody.

It is Cordell & Cordell’s mission to provide men the legal support they and their children need in and out of the courtroom.

Divorce Attorneys Dedicated to Helping Men

The emotional turmoil of divorce is taxing for everyone. The decisions you make during this process have the potential to affect you financially for the rest of your life.

More importantly, the role you play in your children’s lives can change. Our attorneys listen to your thoughts and concerns and do whatever they can to champion your rights in family court.

We understand how stressful this transition can be and are committed to guiding you through each step as you start to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Advocates For Dad’s Rights and Fathers’ Rights

Since 1990, Cordell & Cordell has battled the unfair stereotypes that plague men and fathers in the family court system. Our focus on men’s divorce gives our attorneys a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges men face in Arizona family courtrooms.

Despite going up against a system that seems predisposed against them, Cordell & Cordell has risen to establish ourselves as a partner men can count on.

At Cordell & Cordell, we understand the unique challenges military families face during divorce.


National Client Testimonials


“I cannot say enough great things about [my attorney]. I never had any issues with [him]. [My attorney] got back to me in a timely manner, handled my case quickly and professionally, and the supporting staff was very helpful. All A’s in my book. …”


“Erin is to be commended for her attitude, work ethic, and professionalism. I could not be any more pleased with how she handled my case. She made what is a terrible experience (the divorce) for me much easier to deal with. I feel she went above and beyond to help me out. She even lent an ear that perhaps a friend would to help me feel more comforted. While that was not her role as my attorney, I am very thankful she did because it really helped build trust with me through this process. Let’s be honest, Cordell & Cordell is not cheap, but I can honestly say that because of Erin and [her] team I am very pleased. I want to say thank you to the entire team that assisted her and me and give Erin a very big special thanks for everything she did. She has no idea how much it has meant to me and how much easier she made the whole ordeal.”


“I appreciate that [my attorney] has been willing to give her opinion based on her experience. I had a couple questions regarding the financial aspects of my case and she put me at ease. She is good at being candid. Again, not blindly connecting the dots but considering my case specifically based on her knowledge and experience.”