William J. Phelan, IV

Lead Litigator

Philadelphia family law attorney William (Bill) J. Phelan, IV has a host of experience and accolades.

Both prior to and during his time at Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Phelan has appeared in hundreds of hearings on behalf of his clients, and his efforts secured results that have provided both financial security and peace of mind for those who had little hope until he took their case.

Domestic relations matters offer a plethora of options and issues that Mr. Phelan is experienced to handle, whether he is helping his clients to understand their case, negotiating and communicating with the opposing side, or meticulously preparing for and litigating a case at trial.

Mr. Phelan is experienced in handling all manner of appeals for family law cases, specifically handling various matters in Pennsylvania’s appellate courts. He is a member of an elite team of Cordell Appellate attorneys and regularly works with counsel in the firm across the United States to consult and assist on family law appeals.

“I enjoy working with my clients, who are usually in a difficult position in their lives, to help them reach a resolution that is not only in their favor, but also allows them to put their minds at ease and continue on with their daily lives,” Mr. Phelan said.