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Adam Sutton

Our divorce attorneys exclusively practice family law with a focus on men’s divorce.
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Adam Sutton
Senior Lead Litigator

About Adam Sutton, Senior Lead Litigator

Marietta divorce attorney Adam Sutton understands that contested divorce can be one of the most difficult things a person can endure. Often, they have no idea how to navigate the process or what to expect in the end.

Mr. Sutton has seen what happens when people attempt to go to court alone and how heartbreaking the results can be. By practicing family law, he is able to help people avoid those situations and make a genuine difference in their lives.

“People deserve a fair hearing and their children deserve a strong foundation to grow from regardless of whether their parents are married or divorced,” Mr. Sutton said.

The stakes are high for many people during the divorce process and raw emotions often get in the way of sound decision-making. During his many years as a mediator working primarily in high-conflict situations, followed by his time as a litigator focused on child custody issues, Mr. Sutton developed a degree of control and professional steadiness that allows him to always stay focused on his client’s goals and the litigation end game.

“An attorney must be able to stand firm against an overly aggressive opposing counsel, re-focus an angry judge, and bring a biased expert witness back to reality,” Mr. Sutton said.

Mr. Sutton also encourages his clients to remain in control of their emotions. When they step into an attorney’s office, they are usually angry, and often rightfully so. Betrayal, frustration, fear, and anxiety all meld together into a tightly wound ball of negativity and can cloud one’s judgment.

“Focus on your future and, more importantly, focus on your children’s future,” Mr. Sutton said. “Children need their parent to be that good guy, to make the right choices, and do what is right for those kids. Not only is that approach the best way to plan for your long-term future, but it is also the best way to win the judge’s favor during your case.”


Mr. Sutton is licensed in Georgia.


Mr. Sutton received his Bachelor of Science in Public Service from Macon State College. He earned his Juris Doctor from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and graduated in the top 13% of his class.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Sutton was the founder, president, and attorney for The Sutton Law Office, a family law, mediation, and criminal defense firm in Kennesaw, Ga. He litigated hundreds of cases throughout the Metro-Atlanta area primarily in the areas of family law and divorce. He was also the Assistant Director and lead attorney for a clinic styled office dedicated to providing family law representation and legal services to those of limited financial means. In addition to his experience as a litigator, he is also an experienced mediator and guardian ad litem. He also regularly volunteered pro bono legal services through the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, and the Cobb County Justice Foundation.


  • State Bar of Georgia, 2010
  • Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar, Chairman 2015
  • Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar, Treasurer 2013
  • Atlanta Bar Association, 2010
  • Cobb County Bar Association, 2010
  • Registered Neutral/Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution


  • “Pre-Divorce Mediation” Published in the Spring 2012 edition of the Bar publication DR Currents.
  • “Conflict Resolution in Court, in Politics, and in Life” Published in The Bright Side Newspaper, Kennesaw, Georgia in March 2011.

Mr. Sutton has published many law and mediation related articles online including:

  • “The Child’s Choice: How Age of Election Works in Georgia”
  • “Parenting Plan: What it is and How it Works”
  • ” New Divorce Options for the New Year”
  • “Getting the Most From Your GAL: Working with a Guardian Ad Litem”
  • “Effectively Preparing for Mediation”
  • “How to Negotiate Better in Three Steps”
  • Mr. Sutton presented the interactive online web seminar “Divorce 101” in 2011.
  • Mr. Sutton has been a guest lecturer in college-level conflict resolution classes.
  • Mr. Sutton has been the guest speaker at multiple middle and high schools on subjects such as the US Constitution, civil rights, resolving conflicts, and careers in law.
  • Mr. Sutton has been an associate trainer for CLE and CEU seminars.
  • Mr. Sutton is also a former coach and current regular judge for Atlanta Teen Court and Moot Court competitions.

Mr. Sutton frequently contributes responses to Ask a Lawyer Questions for

Real-Life Experiences
Reviews from Our Past Clients
“It took years for me to come to a decision to end my marriage. I sought a law firm that is focused and prepared for trial if need be, and seeks to give me the best outcome possible. Cordell and Cordell has performed very well and is very supportive during this difficult time. I have full confidence in my representation and recommend them.”
– Mason B.
“Divorce is hard enough without trying to find a Lawyer who will truly work for you. I had several conversations with Lawyers that seemed only interested in winning somehow. No one wins in a divorce. I should have went to Cordell & Cordell first so I would have avoided a lot of headaches. I met a group of people that genuinely care for you.”
– Mark L.
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