William Halaz III

Litigation Partner

William J. Halaz III said being able to help a father claim his rights with regard to custody of a child is one of the more enjoyable parts of being a family law attorney.

“It’s rarely an ideal situation; just a father trying to do the right thing,” he said of these cases.

In order to advocate for a client’s best interests, Mr. Halaz said open lines of communication between an attorney and client are key.

“If a client is not open and honest with you it’s difficult to prepare and represent their interests as fully as possible,” he said. “You need to develop a relationship with them so that way we can both trust each other and present their case the best way possible.”

Mr. Halaz said patience is the most important trait to have during a family law case.

“This area of law is wrought with emotion, and rightly so,” he said. “However, keeping a cool head when things get heated can be invaluable.”