Cordell & Cordell Litigation Partner William Halaz III recently appeared on morning news program Great Day on KMOV 4-St. Louis to provide single parents with some tips to keep in mind as their kids head back to school.

As with other issues regarding co-parenting, Mr. Halaz encourages parents to keep the best interest of their children front of mind.

“It may seem obvious, but they’re children,” he said. “That should be the first thing in your mind. So helping the kids with the transition of going from summer to going back to school, but also transitioning from an intact family to a separated family.”

This transition might not be difficult if you have a healthy co-parenting relationship with your former spouse, but if your ex is disagreeable, it can certainly complicate matters.

“A lot of people will do what we call ADR – alternative dispute resolutions,” Mr. Halaz said. “So mediation, using a parenting coordinator, but if you have serious issues you may need to contact your lawyer, if you already had one, or seek out legal help.”

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Watch Mr. Halaz’s entire interview below.

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