Scott Trout, CEO & Managing Partner of Cordell & Cordell is back. This week he sits down with Christina Manthie, Cordell & Cordell Lead Litigator. Together, the pair dive into the recent changes in custody, spousal support, and paternity laws.

Mr. Trout and Ms. Manthie discuss how these legal updates can affect your divorce case. They explore how the rules around child custody, spousal support calculations, and paternity issues have evolved. Throughout this episode, you’ll gain a better understanding of what these legal changes may mean for you. Mr. Trout and Ms. Manthie provide details on protecting your rights and making sense of these shifting legal landscapes.

Tune in to the Men’s Divorce Podcast to stay informed and confidently handle the changes in custody, spousal support, and paternity laws. With insights from Mr. Trout and Ms. Manthie, you’ll be well-prepared to face these legal challenges and secure the best outcomes for you and your family.

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