Marcie Patton-Coffman

Senior Litigation Partner

Marcie Patton-Coffman said practicing family law appeals to her because “I’m built for it.”

“In addition to a thorough understanding of the law, I have the patience, sympathy, and ability to listen and communicate effectively that is necessary to be a successful family law attorney,” Ms. Patton-Coffman said.

She had a recent case where she secured temporary custody for a father via an emergency order that eventually turned into her client having full custody of the minor child.

“Why I am proud, though, concerns the part I played in making this particular little girl’s life better,” Ms. Patton-Coffman said. “She is now in a safe loving home with her father and stepmother. Her quality of life has improved so much I can’t help but smile. Not much can beat that at the end of the day.”

Ms. Patton-Coffman believes it is not enough to a have a thorough understanding of the law to be a successful family law attorney, but one also needs to be able to be compassionate and caring when representing parties during difficult times of their lives. It is important to her to implement this belief in her practice.