Diana Megalla

Litigation Manager

New Jersey divorce attorney Diana Megalla had experience in civil and commercial litigation, but she wanted to help people rather than just corporations.

“Helping corporations make more money will never be as fulfilling as helping individuals resolve problems in their daily lives,” said Ms. Megalla.

She left those areas for family law so that she could have more client contact and be able to help people in need and those facing big decisions in their lives.

Ms. Megalla certainly still draws upon her more corporate experience, however, and uses skills like negotiation and even her earlier background in sales to help practice family law.

“I have handled many family cases where clients have advised me that this was the smoothest and fastest manner that the case could have gone,” said Ms. Megalla. “I understand and appreciate that when you come to me, you are experiencing one of the most difficult times in your life, and I want to ensure that the process is the most bearable it can be given the circumstances.”