Daniel Lipsitz

Lead Litigator

Ann Arbor  divorce attorney Daniel Lipsitz started his legal career as a public defender in order to be in the courtroom and work with people to help them during times of need and stress.

“Family law is the perfect area to help out people during trying times while also being able to spend time litigating,” Mr. Lipsitz said. “I also like that family law is part ‘social work’ in that people need legal guidance but also an attorney that can help listen to them.”

At the beginning of each case, Mr. Lipsitz tells his clients they can expect honesty, integrity, and compassion from him.

“I explain to my clients that I will do everything in my ability to help them get what they want out of the process, but I will also honestly represent what I think the likelihood of that is,” he said. “I also explain to them that I am here to listen if they need to unload or vent, or just talk about their situation.”