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Jill Rosenthal

Litigation Manager

pennsylvania divorce attorney jill rosenthalPittsburgh divorce attorney Jill Rosenthal has a strong interest in child psychology and family dynamics.

Because of her background in child psychology and development, she is able to work with families undergoing the stressful process of establishing custodial rights.

Ms. Rosenthal also knows the importance of being honest with clients upfront and working with them to achieve attainable goals.

“The court process involves multiple steps, and it is in a client’s best interest to be patient and to attempt to minimize their emotions throughout, so that they can focus on their ultimate goal,” said Ms. Rosenthal.

Ms. Rosenthal also trained under one of the leading court-appointed child custody psychologists and is experienced in reading, reviewing and critiquing court-ordered evaluations, which can aid in preparing child custody cases for settlement or trial.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Rosenthal is licensed to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania.


Ms. Rosenthal graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in applied development psychology. She earned her juris doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Professional Experience

Ms. Rosenthal has exclusively practiced family law since 2006.


Ms. Rosenthal is a member of the Allegheny County Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the ACBA Family Law section Children’s Issues Sub-Committee and the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Ms. Rosenthal published 2009 custody case law updates for the Pennsylvania Bench Bar.


"... Jill has been able to answer all of my questions in a direct and timely fashion. I feel as though I am receiving the quality representation that I expect and am paying for."
"Jill  has been great. Jill works hard at keeping me informed, ... calls me back whenever I have a question, and is quick to provide me with an answer. I feel very prepared and confident in Jill. I think we are really catching [opposing counsel] off guard, and that's great."
"It has been a good experience considering the bad circumstances. Jill is doing [a] real good job providing useful advice. ... It has been a very good experience since my initial consultation. Opposing counsel wanted me to sign everything over to opposing party, but someone told me to first hire Cordell & Cordell. I'm glad that I chose you all and did not sign anything first!"
"Jill was wonderful. I have a very hectic life where I drop the ball on certain things, but she kept me informed on what needed to be done and where we were at. Given an otherwise bad experience, Jill certainly made the best of it. ... I am glad that I chose to go with your firm."
"... Jill is just thorough and awesome. I feel as if I have known her my whole life. Even though we don't always talk on the phone all the time, the emails we send are so thorough we don't have to correspond by phone. Jill is always direct and to-the-point! ..."
"When it was time for Jill to give me updates, she would call me. When I sent her an email, she would respond right away. I was most pleased with Jill's timely and thorough communications. Jill is also very friendly and breaks things down so that I could understand them."
"Jill worked diligently to bring my case to a quick and complete close. I thought that I had excellent representation. With Jill's assistance, my case concluded better than I had expected it would. I am very happy with Jill and your firm."
"Jill was fun to work with, [and] at the same time very professional. She is a solid 10! I was knowledgeable about what to expect. Jill was great, easy to correspond with and very compassionate towards me after understanding how hard I fought to save my marriage for the last 10 years. Please tell Jill thank you, and it was truly a pleasure working with her. Thank you!"
"I'm very happy with the services I've received with Cordell & Cordell. Jill is doing wonderful. She always updates me on my case and talks to me after hours."
"I give her an A+. She's on top of it. Jill is attentive and on her game. ... I appreciate Jill a lot."

​"We are very happy that Jill is our attorney. After all this time, she still has a calming effect on this whole mess. She takes care to continue to point out the perils of the battle we are about to embark upon."

"​I feel like everything went as well as it could have. Jill was very thorough and responsive. I feel she gave me good advice along the way as well, especially when I had questions."
​"Jill was phenomenal. She was always quick to respond and was able to get things resolved quickly and well. She was always quick to keep me in the loop of what was going on in the case."

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