Asa Neff

Senior Litigation Attorney

Prior to becoming a divorce attorney, Asa Neff researched the area of family law while assisting a family member in preparing for divorce.

Throughout his research, Mr. Neff recognized the profound effect the divorce would have on his relative’s life and how much good legal representation could make a difference.

“When the opportunity to practice family law presented itself, I recognized that it would be a great opportunity to help people manage and move forward with their lives during a very difficult transition,” he said.

No matter how adversarial a particular case may be, Mr. Neff tries to develop and maintain a professional and working relationship with his opposition in order to achieve his client’s goals, which usually include maximizing their roles in their children’s lives.

“As a father, I take a lot of pride in helping other fathers obtain as much parenting time as possible without having to pay unfairly for what should be right,” Mr. Neff said. “Too often the courts treat a father’s parenting time as a privilege and not a right. That is something we should all work to correct.”