Christina M. Milien

Associate Attorney

attorney christina milienMs. Milien enjoys being an advocate for her clients. With both personal and professional experience in the family law world, Ms. Milien admits that she knows how difficult issues in the setting can be.

“While it is important that all parties involved have zealous advocacy, this is even more necessary and essential for fathers who often start from an inferior position in the eyes of the court and the law,” said Ms. Milien. “I am in a position to be that zealous advocate for our clients, and I believe it is a privilege.”

With a background in communications and then multiple types of law, Ms. Milien has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw from with her clients. She firmly believes in the importance of communicating clearly with anyone involved in a case.

“Clients, attorneys and judges often require different communicative strategies in negotiating and achieving successful understanding,” she said.

Ms. Milien is a self-described fan of being forthright with her clients from the beginning. While she says that it’s important to set realistic goals when you go into a family law case, she thinks there should be ambition and believes in being prepared for any sort of unusual twist or situation.

“Although there are things that cannot necessarily be predicted in the family law setting because every family and situation is unique and special, I can guarantee that I will be prepared for any unanticipated curves that we may encounter.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Milien is licensed to practice law in the states of Illinois and Missouri.


Ms. Milien earned her Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Missouri and her Master of Arts in communication from St. Louis University. She earned a Juris Doctorate from St. Louis University.

Professional Experience

Before joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Milien practiced civil defense litigation, family law, criminal law and traffic law.


Ms. Milien is a member of both the Illinois and Missouri State Bar Associations.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

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“I think Christina was really good. Any time I had any questions, she got back to me immediately. I feel overall she did a great job, and I was happy with her being my attorney. It was a very hectic, scary situation. I feel she handled it professionally and swiftly.”


“Christina has been on top of it! Christina has been doing great! She’s been amazing! I’m really happy with her service. She has been fabulous. All of you guys are doing amazing!”



“Christina does very well.  I always joke that I’m going to get her a magic wand because she’s so good at working magic. Seriously, she’s so attentive and understanding, and those are just a few of her qualities that I appreciate so much.”


“Christina is a 10 in my book! She has really helped me out. … You all really do fight for your clients. Christina had no problem putting her foot down when things weren’t right! I have been very satisfied!”


“Christina is doing a great job! She is very professional, smart and understanding. We are dealing with an uncooperative opposing party, and Christina has not been afraid at all to fight back!”


“Christina is great! She gives it to me straight and always stays very real with me in setting expectations. She gives me my options and tells me which things we can accomplish and which we can’t. I really appreciate her honesty. I feel some lawyers would let me chase goals we could never achieve just to get my money. I always know Christina would never do that and she is always there for me when I need her. I have referred her to several friends already!”

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