Michael M. Mantia - Greenwood Village Divorce Attorney

Michael M. Mantia

Senior Litigation Attorney

Greenwood Village divorce attorney Michael Mantia Throughout the divorce process, Greenwood Village divorce attorney Michael M. Mantia puts the interests of his clients above everything else.

Mr. Mantia works diligently to try to resolve cases for his clients without the use of litigation in order to save them money and ensure that all final arrangements are exactly what they desire.

“Mediation is a fantastic way to resolve differences,” Mr. Mantia said. “Otherwise, a judge will be forced to issue a final and binding order that may or may not be 100% effective for either party. Litigation should be a last resort, but if it is necessary, and differences cannot be mediated, then you need to be prepared. A favorable court ruling is due solely to hard work, research, and preparation.”

In addition to protecting the financial interests of his clients, Mr. Mantia does everything within his power to minimize the emotional turmoil they must go through. Divorce and custody are almost always difficult matters and if you have to go through with it, you need an attorney by your side that you can count on.

“I approach each of my client’s cases as a completely unique situation,” Mr. Mantia said. “Sensitivity and understanding will sometimes resolve cases without the need of the court’s intervention. However, in other circumstances, cases calls for aggressive and persistent advocacy. I will assess your particular factual situation, your goals, and objectives in order to work with you on developing a legal strategy that will address your situation and meet your needs.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Mantia is licensed in Colorado.


Mr. Mantia received his Bachelor of Science from Ohio University. He earned his Juris Doctor from John Marshall and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He obtained his LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Denver School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Mantia practiced family law. During law school, he worked for the Attorney General’s Office, division of Charitable Trusts.


Mr. Mantia is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the Jefferson County Bar Association and the Arapahoe County Bar Association.



“Michael has been very thoughtful of my needs. The way he methodically puts his case together is something I am really impressed with.”


“Michael was very thorough and conscientious on his part about navigating things. I appreciate his thought process. I felt secure [with] the way he handled things.”


“I am very happy with the way my case was handled. [It] was great in a very tough time to be informed of all options … Michael and [his Legal Assistant] were great professionals and took the time to make sure I was informed throughout.”


“Michael has been phenomenal.  He has been great with everything. …”


“I think Michael has done the best that he can. It was supposed to be an easy situation and it’s not. He’s a sharp young man and I appreciate everything that he’s done.”


“Michael did a really good job and is easy to get along with. He did what needed to be done.”


“He was fantastic. They were great. They just really have a great knowledge of family issues, divorce and kids. I had a lawyer previously that seemed to not know what was going on with my ex and her issues and continuously doubted me. Michael stayed right with me and didn’t sway at all. He handled her and her special needs in such a professional way. He helped me get through all of this, and now I have my kids. He was fantastic.”


“Michael is very detailed about making sure I’m updated. 5’s all the way across! He’s been great, absolutely amazing. Michael has great followup and follow through. He immediately responds back to all my calls, texts or emails, even [his legal assistant] is great too. She always gets back with me too. Cordell & Cordell is lucky to have that man. I want to give a big thank you to both him and [his legal assistant]. They are simply amazing and I really do appreciate them.”


“He was the right person for the job. This is my second time with Cordell & Cordell. This time I needed someone for mediation and arbitration and Michael was an excellent fit. He’s well-spoken and is able to construct very well thought out responses quickly. He’s very quick on his feet. I’ve already referred him and the firm.”


“Michael did a great job. I felt very secure with him and the firm. He handled everything very well.”


“…He kept me really well informed and put things in for me and made sure everything was done right.  He really took care of things.  I would definitely go back to him and the firm if I ever needed help again.”

“[Michael] kept me really well informed and put things in for me and made sure everything was done right.  He really took care of things.  I would definitely go back to him and the firm if I ever needed help again.”