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Michael M. Mantia

Senior Litigation Attorney

Greenwood Village divorce attorney Michael Mantia

Greenwood Village divorce attorney Michael Mantia’s first order of business in the divorce process is reconciliation.

“If I can assist the parties in rekindling their relationship it makes me feel as though I have done what’s best, especially when children are involved,” Mr. Mantia said.

If, however, either party persists that a divorce is the only viable option, then that party is entitled to their request pursuant to Colorado law and the case will move forward. This doesn’t mean that the parties cannot reconcile and dismiss the action later in time. It just means that only one party is required to make the claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken and entitled to dissolution.

Nevertheless, Mr. Mantia stresses reconciliation of the parties until it is clear and obvious that it’s no longer an option.

Now, if both parties seek dissolution of the marriage, and reconciliation is not an option, then it is essential that you focus on trial preparation (whenever that may be). Preparing a case for trial is not difficult – the difficulty is balancing proper preparation versus cost.

“A majority of the clients I meet with initially claim that their divorce will be amicable and terms easily met,” Mr. Mantia said. “This can be true of some. The main reason it will not be true of all is because the Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act (UDMA) requires the parties to address issues that most individuals simply aren’t aware of.”

Once these issues have been identified it tends to cause tension between the parties. This tension commonly leads to impasse.

“And, as we all know, impasse leads to trial,” Mr. Mantia said. “While the expense necessary to be properly prepared for trial can be large you must be prepared for trial if settlement negotiations fail. Not only is preparation necessary for the hearing and your judge, but it is also the best way to leverage a favorable settlement of the case.”

While Mr. Mantia has over a decade of experience in all areas of divorce and custody, he finds himself enjoying and excelling at complicated financial matters.

“I say that because the child-related issues really should be settled amongst the parties,” he said. “In my opinion, no judge can know the children better than their parents. Large-scale financial arguments are more appropriate for judicial determination. These are the issues that require distinct preparation. On average, the two largest assets in any divorce are the marital home and retirement plan(s). This is where you need to focus your efforts. Moreover, your argument for these items needs customized to the facts and circumstances of each case, and each case requires careful planning for the client’s future.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Mantia is licensed in Colorado and the United States Bankruptcy Court.


Mr. Mantia earned his Bachelor of Science from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio; his Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois at Chicago; and his master’s in taxation law from the University of Denver School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Mantia practiced family law with two other law firms within Colorado. During law school, he worked for the Attorney General’s Office, division of Charitable Trusts as a law clerk.


Mr. Mantia is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the Jefferson County Bar Association and the Arapahoe County Bar Association.


"Michael has been very thoughtful of my needs. The way he methodically puts his case together is something I am really impressed with."
"Michael was very thorough and conscientious on his part about navigating things. I appreciate his thought process. I felt secure [with] the way he handled things."
"I am very happy with the way my case was handled. [It] was great in a very tough time to be informed of all options ... Michael and [his Legal Assistant] were great professionals and took the time to make sure I was informed throughout."
"Michael has been phenomenal.  He has been great with everything. …"
"I think Michael has done the best that he can. It was supposed to be an easy situation and it's not. He's a sharp young man and I appreciate everything that he's done."
"Michael did a really good job and is easy to get along with. He did what needed to be done."
"He was fantastic. They were great. They just really have a great knowledge of family issues, divorce and kids. I had a lawyer previously that seemed to not know what was going on with my ex and her issues and continuously doubted me. Michael stayed right with me and didn't sway at all. He handled her and her special needs in such a professional way. He helped me get through all of this, and now I have my kids. He was fantastic."
"Michael is very detailed about making sure I'm updated. 5's all the way across! He's been great, absolutely amazing. Michael has great followup and follow through. He immediately responds back to all my calls, texts or emails, even [his legal assistant] is great too. She always gets back with me too. Cordell & Cordell is lucky to have that man. I want to give a big thank you to both him and [his legal assistant]. They are simply amazing and I really do appreciate them."
"He was the right person for the job. This is my second time with Cordell & Cordell. This time I needed someone for mediation and arbitration and Michael was an excellent fit. He's well-spoken and is able to construct very well thought out responses quickly. He's very quick on his feet. I've already referred him and the firm."
"Michael did a great job. I felt very secure with him and the firm. He handled everything very well."
"...He kept me really well informed and put things in for me and made sure everything was done right.  He really took care of things.  I would definitely go back to him and the firm if I ever needed help again."
"[Michael] kept me really well informed and put things in for me and made sure everything was done right.  He really took care of things.  I would definitely go back to him and the firm if I ever needed help again."