Melenni Balbach

Associate Attorney

Wilmington divorce attorney Melenni Balbach knew she wanted to practice family law after she witnessed a custody trial during her first year of law school. During her time working as a Staff Attorney at Legal Aid of North Carolina, she realized she wanted to do more than domestic violence work and was able to see firsthand the disparate impact that men can face in a family law court.

“I always wanted to be the type of attorney that fearlessly advocated on behalf of my client while doing what was in his best interest,” Ms. Balbach said. “I am not afraid to litigate a case. While I will do my best to work out a solution prior to trial, I am always willing to put my clients first and litigate to get my clients the outcome they deserve.”

While no two family law cases are the same, Ms. Balbach promises to do her best to prepare her clients for what the divorce process will look like.

“I realize this may be your first time in a courtroom, and I hope to make you at ease while you are going through such a difficult time,” she said.