Meagan A. Dotson - A Cordell & Cordell Albuquerque Divorce Attorney

Meagan A. Dotson

Litigation Attorney

Albuquerque divorce attorney Meagan A. Lopez

For Albuquerque divorce attorney Meagan Dotson, family law is a passion. She enjoys working with people and helping them in their most dire time of need.

As a family law attorney, her job directly impact her client’s everyday lives.

“I am not the person who put my client in their situation, but I can do my best to advise my clients on how to improve their situation and their relationships with their children,” Ms. Dotson said. “Children are another passion of mine. Being a family law attorney means I can help children by helping their parents and guardians.”

Family law requires attorneys who are knowledgeable, understanding, and direct with their clients. Ms. Dotson is all of those things. She is an advocate for the law and ensuring it is correctly applied.

“I also strive to educate my clients on the law and the process,” she said. “The process and law may not always be in my client’s favor, but it is best to set that expectation on the outset and educate my client on what is possible in their case and ensure that understanding.”

Above all else, Ms. Dotson is direct and honest no matter the situation or person.

“I am a straight shooter when it comes to explaining the process, the law, and how both affect and apply to my client’s case,” she said.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Dotson is licensed to practice in New Mexico.


Ms. Dotson received her Bachelor of Science in Public Management from Northern Arizona University. She earned her Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Dotson practiced creditor rights in the area of debt collections and foreclosure law. She also practiced all areas of family law including divorce, custody, child support, adoption, and paternity. She also has some experience in probate.


Ms. Dotson is an inactive member of the Navajo Nation Bar. She accomplished her bar membership in June 2016.


"​Meagan was outstanding! I'd give her a  10/10! She's very good at it and knows what she's doing. I'm really glad I picked your firm to handle my case."
"​She (Megan) is a really good and well rounded lawyer."
"I was very pleased with my service. Meagan came in on the tale in of things but handled things very well. Everyone at the firm was very professional and easy to work with.​"

“I am so pleased with Meagan and Sue. I’m just thrilled with the way they worked with me and the kindness and respect they had towards me. Everything went smoothly. Meagan and Sue were wonderful. I was never worried. I have been so pleased from the beginning to the end of my journey with them. You know what? Meagan was so much fun. It didn’t seem like I was facing a bad thing with her. It was so easy and comfortable. I give her a 5 plus!”​​