Jessica E. Zadjura

Lead Litigator

It’s hard to overestimate how much of an impact divorce can have on a person’s life. Divorce threatens your financial security. It alters your living arrangement. And most importantly, it can affect the role you play in your children’s lives.

Baltimore divorce attorney Jessica Zadjura has firsthand knowledge of the hurdles divorced families face because she is the child of divorced parents and one of five daughters in a blended family.

She uses that experience to help guide each of her clients through every step of the divorce process.

“I understand the challenges parents and children face as a result of divorce and why, when our most personal relationships are at stake, that litigation is not always the best process to resolve family issues,” Ms. Zadjura said.

Ms. Zadjura’s family law experience ranges from high-conflict custody and divorce litigation to mediation. In addition to zealously representing clients in court and in settlement negotiations, Ms. Zadjura is qualified to serve as a third-party neutral to mediate family law matters.