J. Michael Turner Jr.

Lead Litigator

Greenville divorce attorney J. Michael Turner Jr. always wanted to pursue a career in which he could help people. That desire, combined with his own experience as a divorced father, led him to practice family law.

“I empathize with my clients going through a challenging and stressful family court situation,” Mr. Turner Jr. said.

Mr. Turner Jr. understands that each person has a unique story and every case he handles is different. He listens to his clients and walks them through the process as they try to reach their goals in family court.

“I serve not only as a sounding board for my clients’ concerns but also as the face of reason with regard to the law,” he said. “Emotions can run high and I am able to help my clients identify what is really important in their particular family court case. It is important to me that my clients know that I understand where they are coming from.”

Divorce is typically a difficult and emotional process. With so much at stake, Mr. Turner Jr. bases his relationship with clients on trust and open communication so he can best serve them and obtain the best possible case resolution.

“I will keep you informed of everything going on with your case, every step of the way and in a timely manner,” Mr. Turner Jr. said. “You will see early on  how hard I will work for you.”