Erik W. McCauley - A Cordell & Cordell Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney

Erik W. McCauley

Lead Litigator

Cordell & Cordell Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney Erik McCauleyWhile other areas of the law impact our lives somehow, family law is one of the legal fields which most affects the personal lives of people. The opportunity it presents to help, guide, and protect people during some of the most difficult periods of their lives is why it is Virginia Beach divorce attorney Erik W. McCauley chosen area of practice.

Mr. McCauley always strives to maintain cordiality and professionalism when dealing with all individuals throughout a case.

“When someone expects me to be aggressive and accusatory, but I rather approach in a respectful but firm manner, I find that I achieve much better results for my client,” he said.

Mr. McCauley’s reasonable approach helps his clients remain rational during what is often an emotionally tumultuous process.

“It’s important to stay focused on the truly important issues,” he said. “It doesn’t help getting bogged down by making issues more personal than they already are.

“One way to view this is in return on investment terms: Don’t spend a fortune trying to obtain a small sum from the other party simply for the emotional satisfaction of winning.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. McCauley is licensed to practice in Virginia.


Mr. McCauley received his Masters in American Government from Regent University Robertson School of Government and earned his Juris Doctor from Regent University School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. McCauley practiced in-depth estate planning and elder law, including special needs trusts and asset planning.


  • Norfolk-Portsmouth Bar Association


"... I am delighted to report that Erik McCauley continues to meet my expectations with regard to ... keeping me informed of the status of my case [and] returning email and phone calls in better than expected timeliness. He has responded to all my emails and phone calls more than by the end of the day. It seems to me his time management in his office is pretty good. Erik provided me a Preliminary Litigation Roadmap Letter at the beginning of my case, and update letters are being sent to me as promised. I’m also impressed by Erik and his staff [keeping] notes in my Client Portal. I typically check his notes before calling, as my questions can typically be answered from his notes. ..."
"He is very responsive and follows up as needed. Erik has provided outstanding counsel to me. He helps me make clear rational decisions, not ones made on pure emotion alone. I love that Erik is technology savvy, meaning his communication methods (text and emails) are my preferred way to communicate. Phone conversations and face-to-face encounters can be time consuming and not always conducive to my busy schedule. He has strong interpersonal relationship skills and is an excellent listener. The last thing I'd say is that Erik is very thorough, and I feel he is invested in my case and truly cares about getting the best outcome for me, meaning he isn't looking to keep the meter running. He looks out for me and makes recommendations that are beneficial and money saving for me. Although I don't like the situation I'm in relationship-wise with my spouse, I am thankful Erik was designated as my attorney!"
"We got along real well and everything went smooth. We were a little worried about jurisdiction, so we had to tread lightly to make sure everything worked in our favor. I think this was handled very well. Also, in terms of how to handle or approach the other side, he always trusted my opinion and negotiating skills."
"Erik has been great. He always answers my questions to the best of his ability and if he doesn't know the answer, he looks into it and gets back to me usually within the hour."
"Erik has done an outstanding job! He's exceeded all my goals to date. His counsel has been excellent!"
"Even though Cordell & Cordell specializes in men, I would have no problem referring any of my friends, male or female. The entirety of the Cordell & Cordell is beyond professional. I was extremely happy with my experience and the personal service I received."
"Erik was very attentive to my needs and addressed them in a satisfying manner. Very happy with service."
"Erik did extremely well. Communication was key, and the client portal was very helpful. It really saved me time and kept me updated on my case."
"​I have no complaints at all. Erik did really well! Erik was very particular in explaining things to me. He was very detailed and I really appreciated the depth of his explanations. He was very informative and really took his time."
​"Communication is great. The firm goes above and beyond. Very happy in me choice of attorneys.​"
​"Erik is an amazing attorney! I read the reviews but they don't do him justice."
​"Hands down, Erik's experience is appreciated. He was very prompt to get back to me when I reached out to him with an issue. I definitely got the vibe that he cared about the situation, even though he gets paid to do this. I would have to recommend Cordell & Cordell to my friends and anyone else who needs your services.​"