Coleen Kinsler - A Cordell & Cordell Austin divorce attorney

Coleen Kinsler

Lead Litigator

Austin divorce attorney Coleen KinslerFor many people, including Austin divorce attorney Coleen Kinsler, the most important thing in life is family. Family law cases are usually a time when many people feel like that is being threatened.

“I pursued family law because I want to help people at this vulnerable time,” Ms. Kinsler said.

Ms. Kinsler has a deep sense of empathy and understands that family law can be an incredibly emotional process.

“I think understanding that there are many emotions surrounding each client’s case  helps me better work with them to determine how to proceed with their case,” she said.

At the beginning of every case, Ms. Kinsler likes to set out clear expectations for what her clients can expect moving forward. Every case proceeds differently, but she tries to continue to update her clients of their options moving forward.

“At every step of the way, I want my clients to feel like they have the information and advice needed to make informed decisions,” she said.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Kinsler is licensed to practice in Texas and Illinois.


Ms. Kinsler received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Texas A&M University. She earned her Juris Doctor from the John Marshall Law School.



“Coleen is good at always returning my calls. I really appreciate the dedication and advice I receive from Coleen. Her strategy on how to approach my case has been very sound.”


“Coleen Kinsler is taking very great care of the case. I’m kept up to date with everything that’s going on, and my questions and concerns are answered promptly. Ms. Kinsler is very knowledgeable, which makes me feel comfortable during this matter.”


“Coleen really does know what she is doing. … She is a people person. She took time to understand my situation and helped me with any problems I had. She was there for me and really, really good.”


“I feel comfortable speaking with [Coleen]. She is good at sitting down and explaining things to me.”


“[Coleen] really took charge inside of the courtroom. … She did really well.”


“Coleen did a great job and I did not have any issues with her. She came right in to his matter and picked up where the previous attorney left off and I was pleased. I appreciate all of the work that Coleen has done.”


“Coleen handled herself very professionally and well. She was a good investment on my part.”


“​My experience with attorney Coleen Kinsler and the Cordell & Cordell law firm has been consistently positive, and we continue to work in an efficient and professional manner together. Thank you​.”


​”I have been very satisfied with all aspects of service from your firm and attorney, Coleen Kinsler. She is knowledgeable and a great resource when I have questions. Her willingness to fight for what is best for me in my case has really impressed me. Other attorneys I have dealt with would have allowed me to settle for less than what I want, but Coleen has been on my side and is really going to bat for me.​”