Chris Jacob

Litigation Attorney

At a young age, Charleston divorce attorney Chris Jacob’s parents divorced, and he was raised by a single mother. Growing up, he experienced an eclectic and non-traditional family upbringing.

These experiences enlightened and humbled him to today’s melting pot society.

“I am inspired to advocate for individuals and families who feel misplaced, threatened by the family court process, or lost because of the changes that divorce can cause,” Mr. Jacob said.

In all circumstances, whether good or bad, Mr. Jacob remains stoic, calm, collected, and cool. His demeanor provides his clients with a source of stability during an otherwise chaotic time.

“Family court is like the wild, wild west,” he said. “Hiring an attorney under these circumstances is always going to be stressful. Nothing is for certain in family court.

“However, I promise you if you put your trust in me if you are patient with me, and if you listen to my guidance, then I will do everything within my power to achieve the best possible result in your case.”