Alexander French

Litigation Attorney

Raleigh divorce attorney Alexander French enjoys the variety that comes with practicing family law. Cases often involve diverse legal issues that touch on many other areas of law. He regularly handles issues that involve corporate law, criminal law, contracts, secured transactions, and real property.

“I think the subject matter is engaging,” Mr. French said. “The issues in family law deal with how the most intimate subjects, relationships, and obligations and how they are supported and enforced by state authority. My cases deal with the most important things to my clients, their assets, their children, and their future.”

Mr. French always cautions his clients to expect the process to be long and uncomfortable, but in the end, they will be happier, and their life will be more stable.

“I also tell my clients that they should expect that I will always tell them the truth but not always what they want to hear,” he said. “Expect that I will try to understand their values and to pursue a resolution to their case that aligns with those values.”

Mr. French is a parent, and that experience has informed his legal work with other parents and families.

“I love practicing family law,” he said. “I like my clients. I love learning about their lives. I love assisting them with their important life transitions.”