Adam Zanetis - A Cordell & Cordell Franklin Divorce Attorney

Adam Zanetis

Senior Litigation Attorney

Franklin divorce attorney Adam ZanetisFranklin divorce attorney Adam Zanetis enjoys practicing family law because it gives him the opportunity to personally interact with his clients and directly improve their lives.

“No other branch of law allows attorneys to help clients on such a personal level,” Mr. Zanetis said. “Nothing is more important to people than their children’s well-being.”

Mr. Zanetis understands that navigating the divorce process is often frightening and confusing. He takes his time with each client to carefully walk them through each step of the journey.

“If a client needs extra time to learn about the issues facing them in a case, or if a client needs something explained again, I have no problem working with them through the process,” Mr. Zanetis said.

As he works on each case, Mr. Zanetis always advises his clients to take a long-term view when assessing their situation. There are many ups and downs that come with divorce and it is crucial to keep things in perspective.

“Take things with a grain of salt,” he said. “Whether it be going through divorce, child custody modification, or a parenting action, getting the case resolved is always a surmountable goal.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Zanetis is licensed to practice in Tennessee.


Mr. Zanetis received his Bachelor of Art in Political Science from the University of Tennessee. He earned his Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Zanetis practiced primarily family law in a solo practice. He also handled minor estate planning issues, credit card defense litigation, and minor criminal offenses.


Mr. Zanetis is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association.



“Everything has been great. Adam is always ahead of the game. I feel like he’s very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Everyone that I’ve encountered at the firm has been extremely nice.”


“Adam was great. He was really relaxed and down to earth, so working with him was really comfortable. He was always really quick to reply to me too. …”


“Adam is always on top of everything! Anything I have questions about I can call or email him and he gets back to me almost immediately. I can really tell he has my back.”


“Adam really pays attention to what I say and the questions that I ask. He has a way of breaking things down for me so I can really understand his responses. He is great at explaining everything, and I really appreciate that.”


“Adam seems to be very professional, and he really seems to know what he is talking about. He is always keeping me in the loop via email or quick phone call, so things have been going good so far. I can’t complain about anything.”


“Adam is very thorough. He was always willing to explain the pros and cons, and he went into detail on what could happen in different situations. He was helpful with everything and kept me informed on what I needed to do on my end. It worked out really well.”


“I am glad that I have Adam and Cordell & Cordell. I like the team approach. It’s comforting to know that I have a whole team behind me and Adam. … I think your fees are fair, and I believe Adam is working with cost in mind. Adam always calms me down, and that’s important too during this whole process.”


“We could not do it without Adam.  Adam is very responsive and professional.  We are extremely happy with Adam and his whole office.  It’s a team effort.”


“Adam is very patient with me and opposing counsel, but he has teeth and is making it so that they have to respond to him within a certain time frame. I appreciate Adam’s approach to try and be patient and friendly but also get down to business when the time comes for it.”


“Adam is so polite and friendly. I can call Adam at any time and he’ll return my call in an hour. …”


“Adam is doing a wonderful job on my case. Adam is patient [and] always listens, but I feel he is fighting for me too. I think he’s a stand-up guy as well as attorney.”


“Adam is a very sharp, hard-working attorney who is completely likable. We’re both Game of Thrones fans. You tell his management to give that man a raise!”


“I am pleased with the results, thank you.  Contact back and forth I felt was great. I had a lot of questions at times due to never going through this situation before, but all questions were answered.”


“Adam was great. He communicated effectively and without drama, and got things done well.”


“Adam has been very good to work with. He’s been very professional, communication has been very clear, and I have no complaints.”


“I commend you on a job well done… The whole process was easy and efficient. I commend the firm on such a well put together law firm.”