Melissa Aland

Associate Attorney

Aland_MelissaUtah divorce attorney Melissa Aland practices law in the Salt Lake City area with Cordell & Cordell.

Ms. Aland enjoys practicing family law in order to help people and families. She knows the wide reach of family law.

“The practice of family law impacts almost every individual in the United States, and it affects people on such a personal level,” said Ms. Aland. “I like the idea that I’m not only practicing law, but also helping clients build lasting relationships with their children and plan for their futures.”

Ms. Aland empathizes with her cilents’ plights and becomes fully invested in the outcomes of each case.

She is upfront with clients that the legal process often takes longer than imagined. Ms. Aland allows clients to put trust in her, works to see them through the inevitable highs and lows of their specific cases and strives to get her clients the results they want and deserve.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Aland is licensed to practice law in the state of Utah.


Ms. Aland earned her bachelor’s degree from Weber State University. She received her juris doctor from the University of Utah.

Professional Experience

Prior to working for Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Aland practiced bankruptcy law and family law.


Ms. Aland is a member of the Utah Weber County Bar Association, Utah Family Law Section.



“Melissa genuinely cares about her clients and the outcome of their case. It means a lot to a guy who is fighting for his child to feel like your attorney 100% has your back and will truly fight for you. Going into this, I didn’t expect her (or any attorney) to care this much about my case. All I can say is that it really means a lot to me.”


“Melissa has been the best! I was kind of leery of her confidence when I started this process, and then I saw her in court. I was so proud and very impressed with her performance and to have her as my attorney.”


“I am extremely satisfied. Melissa has been extremely patient with me. I couldn’t be happier.”


“Melissa is very prompt at returning phone calls. She is very personal and good at dealing with all of her clients. I have nothing but great faith that she truly has my best interest in mind and at heart.”


“Melissa goes above and beyond with my case. I really like the written updates I receive after hearings recapping what happened and letting me know what the plan is moving forward. Even though we already talked about this, it is nice to have it in writing [so] I don’t miss anything. I also like the strategy meetings she has with other attorneys in the office. I didn’t really understand them at first, but I see how they are beneficial for the long run.”


“Melissa was exceptional; she really worked above and beyond. She cared about not only my wants and needs but my children’s needs as well. She provided an overall fantastic service. …”


“Melissa has taken great care of my case [and] has done everything within her abilities to represent us professionally. … The last year has been hard, but she has been very helpful in getting us on the right path.”


“Everything has been handled quickly and efficiently. Melissa has been very professional and kind.”


“Melissa was great and willing to help with anything I needed.  All-around a great experience.”


“I’ve already referred her several times. Calling and walking into the building, I was beyond nervous. At times during my legal situation I felt depleted, stressed and depressed to the point where I regret even going through with court. Every meeting with my lawyer kept me confident and stronger. … My daughter is now staying with me, and my little family is stronger and happier. I’m thankful I had the skin and a great lawyer to not give up. You won’t regret Melissa Aland… she gets things done!”