Jill A. Massey

Litigation Partner

As a child of divorced parents, Atlanta divorce attorney Jill A. Massey knows first-hand the emotional toll it takes on a child. However, her parents went above and beyond to keep things as normal as possible, showing Ms. Massey that divorce doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.

“I realize that divorce is rarely pleasant,” she said, “but my goal is to facilitate the divorce as smoothly as possible with the well-being of the children being of the utmost importance.”

Child custody matters are not the only issues in a divorce, and Ms. Massey draws on her background in both finance and business management to handle the financial issues created by separation.

“My clients are always pleased to learn that I have a leg to stand on when it comes to the financial aspect of a divorce such as an asset valuation, tax consequences, etc.,” she said. For Ms. Massey, being an attorney isn’t all business, though. She not only cares about her client’s legal matters, but she also cares about them as individuals. “Because I truly care about each and every individual I represent, I treat every case with an extreme level of care,” Ms. Massey said. “I advocate for my clients how I would want someone to advocate for me and my family.”