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Ron Gore

Senior Lead Litigator

Tulsa divorce attorney Ron GoreThere are a host of complexities associated with divorce and child custody proceedings that make them among the most complicated and emotionally impactful events a person will ever experience. Tulsa divorce attorney Ron Gore doesn’t shy away from the magnitude of that.

“There are few other areas of legal practice that involve such a broad range of legal issues being at play simultaneously while also requiring an attorney to act not only as a lawyer, but also as a counselor,” Mr. Gore said.

Mr. Gore has the ability to communicate complicated concepts to anyone, regardless of their education level or experience, in a way they can understand.

“I focus on educating my clients about their circumstances and their legal options so that they can make informed decisions about serious matters that will impact the rest of their lives,” Mr. Gore said.

There are numerous variables involved in family law cases. That produces a great deal of uncertainty. Mr. Gore is unable to guarantee the outcome of any case as he is neither the judge nor the jury.

However, he does promise each of his clients that he will do whatever he can to make sure their rights are aggressively championed and they get a fair shake.

“I can guarantee you that you will always have the ability to get in touch with me,” Mr. Gore said. “I will always ensure that you know everything that is happening, I will explain everything to you in a way that you can understand, and I will always listen to you and seek out your thoughts before I offer you my opinion or take an action that affects your life.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Gore is licensed to practice in Oklahoma and Virginia.


Mr. Gore received his Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs and Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia. He earned his Juris Doctor from George Mason School of Law.

Professional Experience

While in law school, Mr. Gore was a Research Editor on the Law Review and was a member of the Moot Court Board. Following law school, he was a Law Clerk for the Chief Judge of the Virginia Court of Appeals. After his clerkship, he practiced Family and Criminal Law in Virginia. Since coming to Oklahoma, he has exclusively practiced Family Law.


Mr. Gore is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, a member of the Family Law Section, and a member of the Virginia Bar Association.


Mr. Gore was recognized in 2017 as an Oklahoma Rising Star in the family law practice area by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters rating service of outstanding lawyers.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Mr. Gore is the co-author of several books concerning logical and analytical reasoning. Over the past decade, he has taught thousands of students logical and analytical reasoning in preparation for the Law School Admissions Test. He is also an Editorial Board member for the Family Law Practice Manual published by the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Family Law Section.

Watch Mr. Gore’s lecture with Bridget Landry from Cordell & Cordell’s 2018 Continuing Legal Education seminar on “Cross Examination and Objection Spotting.”

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“I am entirely happy with Ron. … We have been working very well together. Ron and I communicate frequently. He always notifies me as to what is going on with my case. I am thoroughly happy with Ron as my attorney.”


“Ron has done very well. One of the most impressive things about Ron is how he always remembers the details of my case, especially considering how complicated my case is. Ron has his head wrapped around our goals, and it makes me feel good to know I can be confident that I have an attorney that’s completely invested. I’ve had some attorneys that have just tried to rush this along. I can tell Ron isn’t trying to cut corners. He is keeping my kids best interest at heart. He does a great job filtering through what’s important and what’s going to be useful, and I just do my best to get him everything I can. I’ve  never had an attorney that’s kept me up to date on everything. I’ve had attorneys that don’t even get back to me for weeks. They made me feel like I wasn’t a priority, while Ron absolutely makes me feel like I am. …”


“Ron has been great! He has always provided me with plenty of options. He has also made sure I am educated on each choice. His entire team has been top notch! Ron is a great attorney and has done wonders for me!”


“The dude needs a raise. … Ron has been so great with getting back to me. Even if I call Ron after 5 p.m. he gets back to me in the same day. He is so professional all around. He is just phenomenal.”


“Very easy to work with and VERY helpful in looking out for my interests. Ron did an exceptional job guiding me through what could have been a difficult process. I appreciated his candor and his looking out for MY interest, especially as I was more prone to give up just to be done. I still reflect on advice given to this day. Thank you Ron.”


“Ron is just a good person. He has an uncanny ability to balance all aspects of a client’s case. He approaches it in a balanced way. I know that I haven’t always been the easiest client and have disagreed with things Ron has said, and he is always there to explain my options. I was wrong on some things, but he is always there to back me up. I know he is always doing what is best for me.”


“Before working with Ron I didn’t have much faith in lawyers, but Ron was very professional, intelligent, [and] personable. I  hope I never need his services again, but if I should, I would call him up in a heartbeat. “


“Ron is the most awesome attorney in the world! He is very, very professional and knowledgeable. He covers all corners. … I would use him again in a second if I needed to.”


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate all of your help. I know I wasn’t always the easiest. I used to believe there was no such thing as a divorce lawyer that is a good person; you changed my mind on that for sure. Thanks for not only giving me advice as a lawyer, but also as a friend. …”


“Ron was fantastic. … Ron seems very heartfelt. He wasn’t driven by the money. He showed interest in my goals, and I was really happy with him.”


“… As far as Ron, his team, and the firm are concerned, I am eternally grateful for all that was accomplished.”


“Mr. Gore is absolutely amazing. Regardless of how my case turns out, I know I have the right person with my future in his hands. He is very professional and deserves a raise or some sort of incentive from the firm. … Mr. Gore and the team he has assembled are what guys like me need. …”


“Ron is very prompt to return or accept calls. He is very detailed about providing me with updates regarding the status of the case. I think it takes a little time to get on the same page, but I feel now as if Ron is a true advocate for me and my rights; willing to defend my cause. I feel as though I am heard and understood. Ron explains his strategy and makes sure I am aware of issues. Cordell & Cordell are more expensive, BUT worth it. … I am glad that Cordell & Cordell chose to accept my case, even though I had three other previous attorneys. Thanks for representing me.”


“Ron always returns my calls or emails promptly. I am very pleased with Ron and have already spoken highly to others about Ron and Cordell & Cordell … Ron has done an exceptional job at giving me advice and always knows what options are available at any given moment. At times I know I can be hardheaded, but I know whatever advice he gives me is in my best interest and I can trust him. He took the time to know me on a personal level.”


“I could not be any happier with the level of dedication and the hard work carried out by Rob Gore and all those involved. I believe that everyone did a fantastic job … I cannot say enough good things about Ron Gore and I will never forget what he and everyone involved did for my children and me. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


“Ron is my fourth attorney … [the] firm has gained my trust and respect. [I am] very grateful for Ron – always available, always feels like I can call, and that my case is important to Ron and [the] law office. Money is well spent. Ron is great, I cannot say enough great things about him. You could use me as a poster child, I would even wear your t-shirts. Even if I wind up loosing my appeal, this experience has just been great. I am not an overly touchy-feely guy, so this is the truth.”