Kevin Whitacre

Litigation Attorney

Scottsdale divorce attorney Kevin Whitacre loves nothing more than when a client expresses relief at having someone in their corner who can skillfully walk them through the complicated family law process.

“Many individuals going through a divorce or other family-law-related issues have not participated in litigation in their entire lives,” Mr. Whitacre said. “It is crucial to bear in mind that not only that the court process is often complex, but the stress is compounded by the fact that the experience is new – it’s a ‘known unknown.’”

Mr. Whitacre is methodical in his approach to practicing law – he is systems and detailed oriented. Like many things, breaking down the process into small steps makes a daunting task more manageable.

“From beginning to end, there are many stages of litigation,” he said. “It is important to have a plan and a goal for your case overall, but also for each individual step along the way.”

Mr. Whitacre helps his clients think through all their options and determine goals, objectives, and red lines they will not voluntarily cross. When possible, he recommends finding a point of compromise to find a mutually agreeable solution to a problem to avoid unnecessary stress, effort, and expense.

“This is particularly true in cases involving minor children; after all, the parties will have to co-parent for years to come, and contentious litigation does not lend itself to future cooperation,” he said. “However, this should not be construed to mean that I advocate settlement at all costs; rather, the settlement should be a compromise in which both parties win some and lose some, and that is not always possible for one reason or another.

“While settlement often renders the best long-term results and serves the client’s interest, I am more than happy to take a case to trial if litigation proves necessary.”