Heather Ogier

Senior Litigation Attorney

Every day, Fort Worth divorce lawyer Heather Ogier has the chance to help families through one of the most difficult times of their lives. That’s what she loves about practicing family law.

The clients Ms. Ogier works with are understandably under a lot of pressure. She makes it her mission to ease that burden as much as possible.

“Divorce, custody issues, and child support issues are emotional stresses,” Ms. Ogier said, “and I can offer the legal knowledge and experience to help my clients get the most favorable outcome possible.”

When asked if there is a single defining characteristic that helps her when it comes to practicing family law, Ms. Ogier chooses patience. She listens to each of her clients’ needs and expectations and understands that each case is intensely personal.

“They deserve a lawyer who understands that, and listens to their concerns,” Ms. Ogier said.

“I will listen to their concerns and answer questions along the way. But most importantly, I understand that this case is personal to them because this case involves their children, their property, and their money. I understand that, and I will help them through this legal process.”