Gina Leali

Associate Attorney

Family law was the legal specialty that drove Oak Brook divorce attorney Gina Leali’s interest in pursuing law school. For her, practicing family law means assisting those going through a heavy point in their lives by helping to carry some of the load.

“A family law attorney must guide their client through difficult decisions while showing empathy, having a firm grasp on the law, and providing creative solutions to complex family dynamics,” Ms. Leali said. “I am genuinely invested in providing a desired outcome for my clients.”

Ms. Leali takes a personal interest in each individual case and will always think about others while practicing this area of law. Family law is so deeply personal, clients need an attorney who not only wants to do their job, but who works toward the individual client’s goals and values.

“Especially when children are involved, it is greatly important to analyze the needs of each individual client, and the needs of their children,” she said.

Divorce is often frustrating and brings out the worst in people. However, Ms. Leali cautions that patience and perseverance are essential to the divorce process.

“I will make sure your rights are represented at every point in the case,” she said.