Cara N. Phillips

Litigation Attorney

Practicing family law is not easy. The divorce process is often long and complicated and almost always emotionally draining, but it is the career that Allentown divorce attorney Cara N. Phillips has chosen because she appreciates the reward of helping people at some of their toughest moments in life.

Ms. Phillips is a thick-skinned divorce attorney. She knows that when she is working with her clients, she is dealing with them during a time when they are vulnerable. It is common for their emotions to get the best of them, but that does not faze Ms. Phillips.

“No matter what clients say when they are mad, you can’t react and need to lead them to a happier and healthier solution,” she said.

Ms. Phillips emphasizes the importance of direct and straightforward communication with her clients. They should never feel the need to hide things from her during this process.

“I value honesty above all else,” she said. “Good or bad, I want to know the truth so that I can continue to advocate for them in an honest manner.”