Kristen Leonard

Lead Litigator

Growing up as a product of divorce, Greenville divorce attorney Kristen Leonard went through challenging custody, alimony, and ED battles. That personal experience prepared her for a career in practicing family law.

“The personal nature of family law is quite appealing to my personality and is not as sterile as typical financial services litigation type practice,” Ms. Leonard said. “I enjoy being in a courtroom, and family law allows for real courtroom experience, which actually relates to a tangible result. The multifaceted nature of family law is also appealing, and it’s certainly  never boring.”

Ms. Leonard’s own life experiences have instilled in her an empathy toward her clients and given her a relatability toward what they are going through.

“I come from the now-standard ‘modern family,’ where in my immediate family I have dealt with divorce, custody/paternity issues, adoption, DOMA, and move-away custody issues, to name a few,” she said.

Although divorce is a challenging time for everyone involved, Ms. Leonard always keeps her clients’ best interests in mind

“People hire attorneys while going through a domestic dispute because we have the ability to view the matter clearly and offer advice as an outsider,” Ms. Leonard said. “This perspective allows us to reach resolutions and come up with creative solutions which the client might not otherwise consider.”