Josh Renbarger

Senior Litigation Attorney

Town and Country divorce attorney Josh Renbarger enjoys the variety that comes with practicing family law. It is one of the few areas of law in which an attorney can deal with something different every day.

“Some days you deal with real estate, some days finance, some days taxes, other days custody and conduct issues,” Mr. Renbarger said.

As a former business owner and Supreme Court approved Mediator, Mr. Renbarger has a unique perspective on each case. He takes a keen interest in each client’s specific goals.

“Every client has a different life, and so every client’s priorities are different,” he said. “I work with clients to plan an outcome that meets their priorities and goals in the most efficient way possible.”

Mr. Renberger encourages his clients to be organized from the beginning of their case and to keep their priorities in mind at every step.

“Often in family law cases, clients can experience stress and anxiety,” he said. “At those times, it is best to circle back to their goals and priorities. I take the approach of collaborating with clients to make a sound plan to reach their goals.”