Erin Zielinski

Lead Litigator

Town and Country divorce attorney Erin Zielinski finds family law to be as interesting and complex today, as it was when it all began for her as a law clerk years ago.

“There is no other area of practice where the human and, often emotional, side of the case is just as important as the complex, legal side,” Ms. Zielinski said. “Both components of the family law case deserve equal attention and zealous representation.”

The complexity of the financial components of a highly contested divorce is often matched with the complexity of the emotional toll it takes on an individual. Ms. Zielinski is constantly challenged to ensure she navigates both sides of the case with the experience and knowledge she has acquired after years of experience in family law.

Family law, and divorce, in particular, demand a balance between being assertive and aggressive on behalf of your client while also finding the compassion and understanding for her clients to ensure she can get them through this often tumultuous process.

“This is a balance that has taken years to cultivate and pass onto my clients, so I can represent them to the best of her ability,” she said.

Ms. Zielinski always tells her clients that this is a journey that will be handled day by day. It is often simply too overwhelming to try and figure it all out at once and predict the future

“I find this will often result in pure panic for the client,” she said. “I have been hired to make sure I get them through this emotionally-trying ordeal by taking it one step at a time.”